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Forestry Excavator

Forestry Excavator
This equipment is developed for forestry, such as logging, loading, transport and road expansion in forest areas, and is divided into harvester, log loader, road builder, shovel logging, etc. based on use.
Road builder
This forestry equipment is developed to make strip roads used to transport forest products in forest areas.
This is a logging equipment, which was developed to chop wood in consistent length and cut off branches.
Harvester with jib bucket
Jib bucket is installed on harvester equipment to enable logging and digging side by side in forest areas for improved utilization.
Log loader
This forestry equipment was developed to transport or load the hardwood logged in forestry operation.
Working Range (30ton class equipment )
Working Range
  25ton 30ton
Cylinder mounted Basic On Top On Bottom  
Max. Reach 10.7 12.6 12 11.2
Max. Working height 12.6 14.5 13.7 13.2
Max. Working depth 3.2 5.0 4.4 2.5
Shovel logging
This equipment moves hardwood logged in workspace to the road where transport vehicle can enter.
This cab is designed to protect the operator from any unexpected accidents that may occur during operation, and is acknowledged for international standard ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structures).